Learn the industry secrets behind dental claims processing and improve your practice by downloading the Hero's Guide to Claims Processing. We'll teach you how to read insurance claims faster than ever, and we'll share our industry knowledge on how clearinghouses really work. The guide even goes into the nitty-gritty details of how a claim gets rejected and how to navigate EOBs and ERAs. 

Equip yourself with these Dental Hero Tools found inside.

This Hero's Guide will show you tips and tricks to getting your claims approved faster.

How to Submit Claims Faster

Read about why claims are rejected, and how duplicate claims might hurt your practice. 

Uncover the Reasons Claims are Rejected

Find out how clearinghouses tackle dental claims with insurance companies.

Learn How Clearinghouses Work

Learn about the differences between ERAs and EOBs and handle yours like a dental hero.

Find your way around ERAs and EOBs

Put on that superhero cape and download now! 

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